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725 Stone Road
Lexington, KY, 40503
United States


Montessori Education for Toddlers through 8th grade in Lexington KY - AMI Certified


“Help me to think for myself.”

During the elementary years, children discover the world beyond their immediate environment and develop their intellect and a sense of who they are in a social setting.  The constant desire to know “why?” is fueled by the child’s imagination and creativity.

The CMS Elementary program consists of two age groupings:

  • Lower Elementary for Ages 6-9 or Grades 1st-3rd
  • Upper Elementary for Ages 9-12 or Grades 4th-6th

In an exciting research style of learning, elementary children work in small groups on a variety of projects, which spark the imagination and engage the intellect, while inspiring reasoning abilities and life skills.  Guided by a trained teacher, children study Geography, Biology, History, language, mathematics, Science, Music, and Art.



With freedom to choose in a prepared environment, children learn to plan, organize, complete daily and long term goals, and take responsibility for their learning.  While the elementary programs are ungraded, the teachers maintain a system of checks and balances to ensure students receive a well-rounded education in all areas of the curriculum, stay on track, and work towards autonomy.